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Do you have a blueprint to work towards your financial goals? Have you started saving for college? Are your retirement plans solid? When was the last time you reviewed your will, health care proxy, insurance plans, beneficiary designation....? Do you have a Financial Blueprint in place?

Welcome to Shares Financial Group, LLC

At Shares Financial Group, LLC we appeal to the visual learner.  We diagram out a Financial Blueprint to help each client achieve their individual goals. The process involves walking clients through goal planning, education planning, risk management, retirement planning and estate planning. To do this, we utilize pictures and easy to follow charts and graphs. When you leave our office you will be provided with your own Financial Blueprint.  This Blueprint is designed to help you visualize your entire financial plan on one page. To get more information about the services we provide and start your own Financial Blueprint , please contact us.

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Our Company

Established in 1982, Shares Financial Group, LLC is recognized for their attention to every client's individuals goals and objectives. Shares Financial Group, LLC is a comprehensive financial services firm.  Our Financial Blueprint is designed to help our clients visualize their financial goals and have a clear picture of what is involved in achieving these goals.  If you are a visual learner, or even if you are not, Shares Financial Group, LLC will help take the mystery out of your financial matters.

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Our Unique Services

We help our clients develop their financial map, which we call the Financial Blueprint.  This blueprint enables our clients to visualize the goals and the strategies they need to follow in order to achieve their financial plans.

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How Clients Benefit

At Shares Financial Group, LLC our clients benefit from our unique investment strategies.  Because we work through an independent Broker Dealer, we are never beholden to any particular financial institution. We utilize independent institutional money managers to manage client wealth and match you up with the money manager that matches your risk profile.  We also shop the insurance marketplace for you as an independent broker to find the best price on life, disability and long term care insurance.  

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